Category: Essays

The river

An essay by Jeremy Bendik-Keymer with Misty Morrison.

On the Creation of Economic Epochs

An essay on misreadings, by William Lennon, dealing with the heights of Ayn Rand’s thought and Adam Smith’s “true” intentions, which were warped by Rand’s fanboys.

Ben Carson’s Tomb: Locating the Former Presidential Candidate’s Comments on the Egyptian Pyramids Theoretically

A critical analysis of the meaning of the Pyramids with reference to Derrida and Hegel in order to spell out the implications of Ben Carson’s views about the Pyramids. Written by Jordan Ecker.

Poetry and Pepsi-Cola: The Emptiness of Reform in Pelevin’s Generation P

Essay on Victor Pelevin’s “Generation P.” Written by Kyle Kysela.

Theorizing the Present after Disciplinary Societies; Or, How Gilles Deleuze Helps us to Understand our Current Political Moment

An explication de texte of Deleuze’s “Postcript on Societies of Control,” with reference to Foucault. Written by William Lennon.

Austerlitz: Proxy Psychoanalysis and the End(s) of Repression

Investigating the concept of repression in “Austerlitz” by W.G. Sebald through the lens of Freud and Lyotard. Written by William Lennon.